Snowbirds: Winter by the River

Riverbend is a full service resort all year round and a choice destination if you're looking for a warm spot in Canada to spend the winter or just a quiet getaway in our rainforest climate.


Wether you need a warm cottage for your winter get-away, or if you will bring along your RV to stay with us, we can accommodate you.

Imagine enjoying the mild winters of Vancouver Island, exploring local attractions without all the stress caused by the extreme winter weather in the rest of Canada

Winter on Englishman River
Winter on Englishman River

Riverbend Cottage & RV Resort                                                               For Reservations 

1-924 East Island Highway,                                                                       Toll Free: 1-800-701-3033

Parksville, BC                                                                                                Phone: 250-248-3134

CANADA, V9P 1R6                                                                                       Email:


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