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I'd Give my Shirt to Stay in a Yurt!

By Bruce Quayle

When I was first invited to experience a YURT…
Yeah, that was my reaction. What the heck's a YURT?

Well, I was invited to visit the Riverbend Resort in Parksville, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island and enjoy the unique experience of "camping" in a YURT. I use the term "camping" very loosely as it's more like: "exotic living", "a romantic getaway", "an adventure with style", "nature in comfort..." anything but camping.

Yurts are in fact Mongolian tents and have been traced back to before the time of Genghis Khan. They are still in use today in their original form and are a wonder of ancient engineering. Everything about them is simply right. The accommodations are cool in the summer, warm in winter and can withstand huge snow loads and hurricane winds due to their strong, symmetrical design. But the modern Yurts you find at Riverbend Resort have come a long way from their early ancestors.

What strikes you first about the Yurts is how well they blend in with their surroundings. They just seem to fit in with the wonderfully wooded environment of Riverbend Resort.

The next revelation happens when you see the solid insulated door and step in side - it's simply amazing. Insulated wood laminate fllors gleam from the lighted interior and although you are met with all the comforts of home, the distinct feeling that you have moved back in time whispers all around you. The way Heather and Shawn Powell, the owner/operators of Riverbend Resort have managed to include a hint of eastern influence while providing the holidaymaker with all the comforts found in the more upmarket cottages is remarkable.

The Yurts themselves add to this sensation of otherworldliness. Aesthetically they were pleasing with their very roundness adding a sense of peace and tranquility to my experience. At night you can gaze up through the large domed skylight at the stars above. This screened dome also opens to increase ventilation without letting in any unwanted friends. Although there was a television, I really couldn't bring myself to unsettle the serenity of my cocoon.

It's remarkable how much space they create. From the outside they appear cute, but when you step inside, it's like you shrank a bit. The 24 foot diameter circle gives you over 450 square feet of living space, and it's comfortably divided into a lounge. dining area, kitchenette, an intimate boudoir and an enesuite with full bath.

While the Yurts at Riverbend Resort are the high tech offspring of their ancient and mystical ancestors, they have captured the essence of the intent - they're secure, comfortable, self contained, and a great place to stay for that well-earned getaway... especially if you enjoy camping in style.

"We stayed only one night here, but it was just perfect for us. Big sites with easy access in and out. Behind the park was the Englishman River. Just head down the stairs from the back of the park and bingo bango youre there. This park was reasonably priced and if you watch the video youll get a feel for it. "

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Riverbend Resort offers offers RV sites, log cabins and unique yurts for a memorable vacation.

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Parksville has been described as Canada's Riviera and it is a perfect vacation spot.

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